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Project Manager


What we're looking for

JumboCode PMs are passionate about empowering a team of developers to learn real-world skills, while making a genuine difference in a non-profits operations. This is a yearlong commitment, but a person with enthusiasm, leadership skills, and a hankering to engage with the community would fit right in!


Summer / early Fall

  • Work with Head(s) of Client Management to build a relationship with your client

  • Attend onboarding with the Head(s) of Project Management

  • Interview and select a tech lead to work on your project

  • Blindly select a team of developers and a designer to work on your project

  • Work with your tech lead to build a design doc with project scope, tech stack, timeline, etc.

  • Promote JumboCode and your project at the JumboCode GIM

Fall / Spring

  • Serve as the primary contact for and the face of your project

  • Organize 2-week sprints, including assigning tasks

  • Plan and lead one or two weekly team meetings for standup and work-time

  • Work with your tech lead to support your developers in their weekly tasks

  • Work with your designer to execute the vision for the product

  • Meet regularly with your client to provide updates and gain feedback on your team's progress

  • Attend weekly hack nights on Sunday nights

  • Foster camaraderie amongst teammates with a few bondings and/or team events per semester

  • Demonstrate JumboCode's core values and lead by example

  • Check in with the Head(s) of Project Management and Head of Engineering regularly to assess progress

  • Ensure the progress and wellbeing of your team members

  • Attend mid-year and end-of-year presentations

  • Facilitate handoff to the client, including all necessary accounts, in the spring


It's important to note that there are no concrete qualifications for a JumboCode PM. The most important things are a knack for leading a cohesive team and a love for JumboCode and our mission. We also want to emphasize that you definitely do not need to have been in JumboCode before in order to apply for the Project Manager position.

That being said, any or all of the below are nice to have:

  • Prior leadership experience, either inside or outside of school

  • Prior development experience, in languages/frameworks such as JavaScript/TypeScript, React.js, React Native, Node.js, and Django

  • Prior design experience or experience working with a designer

  • Having worked on a project of substantial magnitude

  • Experience working with a client

About Us

JumboCode is an organization dedicated to helping non-profits by providing them free, custom, technology to aid their services. JumboCode is based out of Tufts University, and works primarily with non-profits in the greater Boston area. JumboCode was founded in 2015, and is 100% run by volunteers.

Our Goals

We have two main goals encompassing our work:

  • To support local communities in social and civic endeavors

  • To empower students with the technological skills to be impactful

How to Apply

Applications open in April. Check back on our social media for application announcements.