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What we're looking for

We're looking for developers to help ship creative solutions for our nonprofit projects. As a developer, you will work with a team of ~10 students including other developers, a project manager, and a tech lead, to build a technology solution for a nonprofit.

JumboCode values passion for nonprofit work, learning, and teamwork. We look for empathetic and eager individuals that want to give back to the community, expand their skillsets, and contribute their knowledge and abilities to the team.

Please note that JumboCode projects run throughout the academic school year (year long commitments).


  • Communicate and work with a project manager, a designer, a tech lead, and other developers.

  • Be eager to learn about web app or mobile app development, (project-dependent) and apply your skills

  • Collaborate with other developers using GitHub—submit and iterate on code for different parts of a large product.

  • Attend ~2 weekly meetings

  • Work well on a team


No prior experience is necessary! On every team, we try to put together a balanced group of developers, including some with relevant development experience, and some who are just starting out. We primarily look for passion and eagerness to learn and contribute.

About Us

JumboCode is an organization dedicated to helping non-profits by providing them free custom technology to aid their services. JumboCode is based out of Tufts University, and works primarily with non-profits in the greater Boston area. JumboCode was founded in 2015, and is 100% run by volunteers.

Our Goals

We have two main goals encompassing our work:

  • To support local communities in social and civic endeavors

  • To empower students with the technological skills to be impactful

How to Apply

Applications open in early September. Check back on our social media during the start of Fall semester for application announcements.