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Board Member


What we're looking for

We're looking for board members that are passionate about JumboCode and are willing to take initiative in improving the club experience for members.

JumboCode values passion for nonprofit work, learning, and teamwork. We look for empathetic and eager individuals that want to give back to the community, expand their skillsets, and contribute their knowledge and abilities to the team.

Please note that JumboCode projects run throughout the academic school year (year long commitments), as a board member, you will start working with the rest of the board towards the end of the Spring semester.

Board roles


As President of JumboCode, you will be working closely with the rest of the E-Board and all other members to ensure that JumboCode runs smoothly! Main duties include supporting E-Board members in their individual positions, supporting Project Managers run their teams, thinking about ways the club can keep growing, planning meetings, and leading the club.

Head of Engineering

In this role, one oversees the general technical well-being of each of the projects in the club and seeks to help members learn how to best contribute to their projects. This involves being available for answering technical questions and consulting with JumboCode teams in order to help them overcome their hardest technical challenges. Additionally, the Head of Engineering works with other members of the E-Board in developing presentational material and tutorials to help members learn new technologies and concepts.

Head of Project Management

As Head of Project Management, you will be working closely with the Head of Engineering to ensure that all projects are running smoothly. Main duties include doing period check-ins with PMs, reviewing project repositories and hosting workshops with the Head of Engineering.

Head of Design

This role involves design leadership, which includes helping team designers solve design problems and overseeing all design and branding decisions for JumboCode. Some of the roles in design leadership include helping to recruit team designers in the beginning of the academic year, and taking the lead on making flyers and posters for JumboCode events and activities. Additionally, the Head of Design works with the rest of the E-board in running the day-to-day affairs of JumboCode.

Head of Client Management

As Head of Client Management, you will be responsible for finding JumboCode’s clients for the coming year. This mainly consists of reaching out to nonprofits and figuring out what problems JumboCode can solve for them. Other responsibilities include writing up the project specs and working with PMs to ensure you find them projects that fit their interests and capabilities, along with general E-board responsibilities.

Head of Operations

As Head of Operations, you will be working closely with the President on a variety of tasks, helping them manage the club and the E-Board. You will also be in communication with the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life about the JumboCode budget. Other responsibilities include reserving rooms for teams to meet, communicating with PMs about their team needs, and communicating with CS department faculty.

Head of Communication

As Head of Communication, you will be in charge of JumboCode social media platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram) and community outreach, working to maximize outreach for club events and opportunities to Tufts students.


  • communicate and work with the rest of the board

  • be responsible, committed, and present for JumboCode

  • advocate for and take initiative to improve the club experience

  • be passionate about the club mission and creating a positive JumboCode community

  • attend weekly board meetings, hacknights, and JumboCode events

About Us

JumboCode is an organization dedicated to helping non-profits by providing them free, custom, technology to aid their services. JumboCode is based out of Tufts University, and works primarily with non-profits in the greater Boston area. JumboCode was founded in 2015, and is 100% run by volunteers.

Our Goals

We have two main goals encompassing our work:

  • To support local communities in social and civic endeavors

  • To empower students with the technological skills to be impactful

How to Apply

Applications for next year's board open in February. Check back on our social media for application announcements.