Philanthropy, meet the future.

We want to help your organization find digital solutions for your most pressing problems. Let us develop the tools to help you raise awareness, stay connected, improve your workflow, and achieve your goals.

Our mission is to develop customized technology and software for nonprofit organizations. Let us know what we can build for you on our contact page.

Our services


App Development

Mobile apps for iOS or Android devices.


Web Development

Anything from stylish, responsive web pages to modern web apps.


Software Solutions

The tech you need to improve your productivity and increase your efficiency.


Digital Marketing

Communicate more effectively, increase your outreach and refine your designs.

We are a collective of computer scientists, engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs from Tufts University. JumboCode members have pledged to lend their individual skill sets and expertise to develop awesome applications for clients. By working with real-world organizations, our members have valuable opportunities to apply their technical skills to solve real problems.