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Who We Are

JumboCode is a student-run organization at Tufts University committed to developing software at no charge for nonprofit and Federal organizations. In an increasingly technological world, we have dedicated ourselves to helping organizations keep up. We strive to offer incredible service while providing a platform for Tufts undergraduates to gain first-hand software development experience.

In order to offer high quality service, we assemble specialized teams of programmers, designers and entrepreneurs to work on projects until completion. Each team is assigned a Project Lead, who is in charge of planning, team management, and client communication. We use agile methodologies to ensure great service.

The Executive Board is responsible for overseeing general club operation, as well as managing clients and teams. As a new organization, we continue to learn, grow, and adapt. We hope to become the premier digital consulting organization in the Greater Boston area.

How We Operate

Our Services




Mobile apps for both iOS and Android.
The teams at JumboCode are skilled in both iOS and Android app development. Whatever your specific needs, the students and project leaders at JumboCode are more than up to the task. Part of the beauty of our organization is that we create teams based on each student’s individual strengths, ensuring that your fancy new iPhone app isn’t made by a group of coders specialized in creating Android applications. That said, we are also suited to cross-platform distribution, and will never make you choose between developing your app for either iOS or Android alone.

App Development




Web apps and websites for every browser.
Websites and web applications are a massive part of what we do at JumboCode. The vast majority of our programmers have taken the web programming course at Tufts, and put their knowledge to good use when creating your new website or web application. Knowing that more and more people are viewing the internet through their phones, JumboCode has embraced the concept of responsive design - our teams recognize the prevalence of mobile users, and can create a site that works just as well on a smartphone as it does on your desktop.

Web Development




From interfaces to logos.
As JumboCode has grown, so have our strengths. In recent years, we have added more designers in an attempt to not only create functional products, but also beautiful ones. Each project now has at least one dedicated designer, who can work with your organization to create an application or website uniquely tailored to your branding and digital identity. Furthermore, if you are looking for a new logo, color scheme, or typeface, the designers at JumboCode will work with you to create something fresh and exciting.

Digital Marketing

Executive Board

Yuki Zaninovich


Andrew Hoiberg

Project Manager

Ben Cresitello-Dittmar

Project Manager


Client Manager


Operations Manager

Emily Lin

Design Lead

Spencer Perry

Operations Manager